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Jura mineral sealing base course

Beilngries mineral sealing course
Laying the mineral sealing base course
in Beilngries

The Jura mineral sealing base course is a totally natural product which contains no extra chemical or artificial additives.
The base course is versatile and is suitable for

  • sealing the bottom of waterbodies
  • sealing retention basins
  • ponds in gardens and landscape design, flood-protection systems and dike renovation
  • building and monument renovation
  • sealing off sewers in order to protect the groundwater
  • landfill-site construction

Grades available:

  • Jura mineral sealing base course 0/16
  • Jura mineral sealing base course 0/32

The materials are supplied and quality monitored on a voluntary basis in accordance with the guidelines of the Technical University of Munich.

Pdf document on the mineral sealing base course in English

Use of the mineral sealing base course
In Beilngries, the bed of the River Sulz was raised and the course of the river through the town was altered.
A level of impermeability of up to k < 1x 10 -11 m/s with a 98% degree of compaction (Proctor density) is achieved. Similar figures are achieved when plastic films are used.
The barrier material does not tend to form cracks when it dries out and possesses excellent shear-strength values for use on embankments.
Properties / advantages:

  • Roots can penetrate the material without causing leaks
  • Withstands light compression, strong and easy to lay
  • Can be modelled anywhere around adjoining structures, regardless of their shape.


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